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Re: Recommend Drive Effect?

5/13/2004 4:08 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Recommend Drive Effect?
People have had very good things to say about a number of the recent FET-based designs at, such as the Matchbox, and Thunderchief, as well as some of Joe Davisson's pedal designs, such as the Blackfire, and the slightly older, but still cherished BSIAB (Brown Sound in a Box), which you can find at  
Of course whether a pedal alone captures what it is you find attractive about a Marshall is another matter entirely. That being said, the pedals mentioned above are proven and inexpensive designs, well-received, favourably compared to the sound you say you want, and do not require anything terribly exotic in the way of materials.  
As an aside, one of the things I keep wondering about is whether any of the "magic" people find in a 4 x 12 stack could be emulated by means of a cheap subwoofer installed into an existing amp/cabinet and powered with a separate amp. I'd be curious to know whether the spare 4" subwoofer I have could be paired up with an 8" speaker and sound a lot "bigger" without necessarily being dramatically louder or physically larger. Having a 4 x 12 sound and feel at low volumes in a portable package is a nice vision.

Ben N Mark:Interesting idea about... -- 5/14/2004 12:09 PM