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Recommend Drive Effect?

5/13/2004 10:07 AM
Recommend Drive Effect?
I'm looking to get a nice heavy 'Marshall' crunch tone. I had planned to build my own amp (AX84 High-Octane) but right now I can't tie up my resources on that big of a project and do it right (read: I'm about to get another guitar and the wife isn't too happy). So I figured I could whip out an OD/Dist pedal to get me by until I can get the amp project going. Right now I have a Boss HM-2 and a Fender Champ. Do I have a chance of acquiring that Marshall OD tone without a real driven preamp? I see tons of great looking effects designs out there but short of building each one and playing with them there is no way for me to know. To all you effects junkies out there: what do ya think?

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