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Re: Just started my first amp build! 5E3x2-AC15

1/24/2006 10:10 AM
Re: Just started my first amp build! 5E3x2-AC15
I wanted to clarify a few things: This build will not be a channel switcher, just 2 separate preamps with 2 inputs for each, so you'll plug into either the 5E3 preamp, or the AC15 preamp. I have a Z28 combo, & so far have not encountered any unusual microphony with the EF86, & I like the way the EF86 accepts pedals big time. I also like the sound of the AC15, as well as 6V6's. Also, I have my amp tech available to me with some advice & help, as this project progresses. He's pretty much a vintage Vox AC15, & AC30 guru, & he's built several of his own amps. My plan is to accomplish as much as possible on my own, & consult with him, you fine fellows here on the Ampage boards, as well as others on the Weber & TGP boards if I run into roadblocks. I'm in no rush, so I'm gonna take my time, & try to do it up right. I was fortunate to purchase alot of varieties of matched NOS 6V6's, including 3 sets of matched quads, before the prices got so high, which had alot to do with this project getting off the ground. Right now, I'm still undecided on the PI. I love the sound of the 5E3 with the cathodyne inverter, & this voicing will undoubtably change if I go with the long tailed pair, ala the AC15. I need to do a little more research on this, but I'm leaning towards the going with the cathodyne PI for starters, & see how everything gels, & then maybe try the long tailed pair PI later on if I feel the need to change it, or if the cathodyne doesen't work out in conjunction with the AC15 preamp. I'm not even gonna consider trying to utilize both both types with a switch, or anything like that! LOL!! Next up is finalizing the layout on the chassis, & start drilling, & cutting the holes for the trannies.  
Thanks for all the input so far, & I'd appreciate any further thoughts, opinions, ideas, or suggestions.