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Re: Difference between Tweed and Bf deluxe PT's

1/4/2006 9:55 PM
Re: Difference between Tweed and Bf deluxe PT's
Thanks, that's what I did. I just ordered an Allen PT. The amp will be basically a single channel BF deluxe but with all Allen tranny's and choke and cathode biased. In a tweed cab with a pair of reconed C10R's or C10Q's from the 60's, I also have some P10RLJ or something like that. They are LF woofer versions of a P10R with a 1.5" VC I had reconed similar to the old CTS alnico's.  
I was debating since it is cathode biased which tranny to use. I think David's is fine, the voltage isn't too high for cathode bias like some BFDR PT's, MM's are very high. There are so many versions of deluxe tranny's out there I was getting confused. I am dubious of "certain" companies that say you can use their tranny's for any deluxe, tweed, brown and BF/SF too. They are all different and Paul at MM explained that they differ even from month to month in the same year. I have used David's tranny's in a lot of amps and they sound great.

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