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Re: IT WORKS!!, But kinda dark

1/3/2006 7:13 AM
Lee @ leyland sound design
Re: IT WORKS!!, But kinda dark
Hi Nate  
I appreciate that its tough being a student on a budget. Its not so easy to just junk a speaker when money's tight. I suggest trying an Eminence Legend 125. I use one in my 5E3 (Mission Amp, with the tone/volume mod), and have tried many other types and brands. Its not overly expensive, and it will certainly help prevent that "dark" sound. Being ceramic, it will not break up as much as an alnico, but then it will not "color" your sound much, either. I find the sound nice and tight, well balanced, and full range. I have to admit that I prefer a cleaner sound without a lot of distortion unless I dial it in myself.  
Good luck, and good tunes.  

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