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Elevated filament supply... for DC too?

12/6/2005 2:24 PM
Steve A.
Elevated filament supply... for DC too?
    This is for the Epiphone Valve Junior I am rewiring. I just connected the two 100R resistors on the filament supply to the EL84 cathode (about 10.1vdc) which helps but there is a serious layout flaw in this amp so I think I need to rectify the filament supply to eliminate a hum (either that or replace the circuit board which I plan to do with my OTHER Valve Junior which will be running a 6V6).  
    Question: do I need to disconnect the 100 ohm resistors from the EL84 cathode when I rectify the filament supply (as per my article on the Pignose G40V)? I measured 7.08vac going to the filaments so leaving the 100 ohm resistors in there might bring the voltage down a bit...?  
Steve Ahola

KB I'm not sure about the cathode conn... -- 12/11/2005 8:32 AM