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Ha ha!

11/7/2005 2:50 PM
Chris/CMW amps
Ha ha!
Hi all  
It's no fun to see such thread over here on Ampage, normally the nicest amp-forum in the universe...  
If you do earn that much money why bother about $25??? I've spend more on licensing/designing/etc. and I'm not a what-ever-engineer, I modify and build amps for a living.  
Regarding this mod (and I truly hope I don't offend anyone except...): without knowing Bruce was doing about the same I did design almost the same circuit to help a couple of DIY-amp-builders over here on Ampage and in the Netherlands. Didn't understand why others didn't come up with such idea but, thank God, profs like Bruce were also using such circuit for some time.  
This is a forum about helping and respecting each other, if a fulltime amp-tech/builder/modder does earn his bread by his mod(s) (and it does take lots of time to come up with good ideas and/or better/nicer sounds) most guys do respect that they do wanna keep that info for themselves are wanna be paid for their services.  
Hey, this just did cost you at least $50 of my valueable time, ha ha :D :)  
Back to my bench,  

Wild Bill We seem to be arguing the basic dif... -- 11/8/2005 10:28 AM