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Re: anyone here built a 5c3 proluxe ?

11/6/2005 6:03 PM
Re: anyone here built a 5c3 proluxe ?
Hi Elroy-  
Just posted this over at Ted's forum, hope it is of some help:  
Hi Elroy-  
Hey did you figure it out yet? I've been watching this thread with interest the last few days... here's something that happened to me today that made me thing of your situation...  
I have noticed that sometimes the tip and switch contact point on certain input jacks can be intermitant at best. On cheaper jacks, after you have cycled a plug in and out a half-dozen times, the thing won't make contact any more. This happened to me today as I was just testing out the switch logic of the input of this 5E5A I'm building for a friend. I could not get continuity between the tip and switch poles even though it LOOKED like they were making contact. But only when I pinched them slightly could I get contact!! Then I thought of you and that maybe that is the source of your hum... I don't know... just a thought. Ring out continuity on your jacks and make sure they give contact between tip and switch poles.  
And whatever happens, let us know what the fix is!  

elroy hellowell i've had this apa... -- 11/6/2005 7:11 PM