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9/28/2005 9:05 PM
It added up to $1950 because I listed the $350 cabinet twice. So, it really is $1600. I ordered a 5E3 kit from Mike, then a 5F1 kit, and then the Bassman. Being my third order, he decided to surprise me by wiring the circuit board. He did all the hardware assembly to the chassis, ie. transformers, tube sockets, pots, jacks, etc. He Did the grounding plate, too. He wired the power supply, including filter caps, filaments, etc. The circuit board was a freebee. At the time, I believe his Piedmont amp (his Bassman) sold for more than it does now, and my $1600 kit was $700 or $800 cheaper. That's why I ordered it.  
I considered purchasing an amp from Bruce, but at the time, all he had on his web site was a 5E3 kit with an expiry date that had already passed. I don't think much has changed. His 5E3 price ends Sept 30, so on the weekend, people won't think they'll be able to order anymore. And that's only one kit of many available that aren't listed at all.  
Bruce, I've heard so much about your kits lately. Why not have a great web site dedicated to them? I'm sure you'd generate a lot of business through it.  

Bruce /Mission Amps [QUOTE]Bruce, I've heard so much ab... -- 9/28/2005 10:28 PM