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Re: Do Tweed Kits Appreciate ? (Amp porn, too)

9/28/2005 8:13 AM
GordRe: Do Tweed Kits Appreciate ? (Amp porn, too)
Thanks for the reply, guys. I believe that Bruce's work is first class. Even through guys like Bruce, if you bought Jensen caps and Weber P10Q speakers, it would up the price considerably. Let's try a breakdown of the costs for my praticular Bassman (just guessing):  
-Cabinet $350  
-Jensen caps $180  
-Allen Bradley resistors $40 maybe?  
-Power $125  
-Output $125  
-Choke $50  
-Cabinet, lacquered with hardware $350  
-Four WeberVST 10A125 speakers $360  
-NOS tubes (decent, not too pricey) $180  
-Misc. $190 (tube sockets, pots, knobs, circuit board, wire, I/O jacks, handle.....)  
Total, $1600  
I don't think that Mike overcharges at all. His Bassman model is under $2200. That's a great price, considering that Victoria sells theirs for $2600 with cheaper speakers. The kit I bought wouldn't be much cheaper from other suppliers. I think that if I bought a Bassman kit from someone like Marsh Amps, with MM transformers, 10A125 speakers, Jensen caps, lacquered cab, NOS tubes (not expensive ones), the price works out to almost $1500. Since the prices were similar, I went with Clark Amps. Why? Because *any* kit from anyone is bought sight unseen and Mike's amps have awesome ratings on Harmony Central. So I based my decision on his reputation. He also helped me with my layout work, which I think is pretty nice.  
If nobody buys the amp, I'll be happy to keep it, although I won't be able to afford another project for quite some time.  

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