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Re: Do Tweed Kits Appreciate ? (Amp porn, too)

9/27/2005 7:09 PM
GordRe: Do Tweed Kits Appreciate ? (Amp porn, too)
I never thought that tweed kits assembled would sell for what the cost of the parts were. I swear, I'm not spamming here (I have elsewhere), but check it out:  
The auction confirms my thoughts. I paid $1600 USD for the parts, plus taxes and shipping. The layout is nicer than other hand made amps I've looked into. At $1300, nobody will bid on it, assembled, even though in my opinion it's a bargain.  
What gives? What's going on?  
I think that tweed kits that are cheaper have a much better chance of selling, as many more people can afford them. Mallory 150 series caps don't sound as alive or as three dimensional as the Jensens, but they do sound great nevertheless and they're $0.75 each. The Jensens are $20.00 each. Nine Mallory caps cost $6.75, and nine Jensens cost $180. Maybe it's overkill for the "typical" amp buyer out there, (for lack of a better word). Four Weber Ceramic 10S speakers cost $120. Four 10A125's cost $360. The amps I built sound stellar, but the cheaper versions still sound great. One is better, but the other is still good enough.  
Is that it?  
Anyways, I think that the pictures are pretty. Take a look at them! Mike Clark wired up the entire power supply and the entire circuit board, and I took the leads from the circuit board and connected them to the jacks, pots, and tube sockets.  

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