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Re: 5e3 for harp?

9/27/2005 8:17 AM
Chris/CMW amps
Re: 5e3 for harp?
Hi all  
Part of the 5C3 sound is also due to the paraphase inverter. You can compare a 6SL7 to a lower gain and very spacious/woody sounding 12AX7, a 6SN7 is kinda like a 12AU7.  
Bruce Collins did make some excellent suggestions in the past regarding harp-mods for the 5E3.  
General harp-mods from my experiences for various customers;  
- big coupling caps (stock 5E3 values are ok)  
- big cathodebypasscaps (stock 5E3 values are ok)  
- pretty low plate- and powersupply voltages for the pre-amp (larger value dropping-resistor and/or plate-resistor)  
- not (too) much highs (like normal channel 5E3)  
Most harp-players do prefer 8" or 10" speakers.  
Hope this helps,