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Re: gutted Moviola amp

5/16/2005 7:55 PM
Dr. Photon
Re: gutted Moviola amp
by "picking up every minute turn", do you mean it scratches as you turn the pot? check the input for DC. DC there would either be a dud capacitor in there somewhere, or there is a DC bias on there on purpose. I know absolutely nothing about "moviolas" or what you do with them, but I'd expect it to have a sensitive input for spomething like a tape head or an optical pickup or something. since it has two dual triodes for a single ended output, it has plenty of gain, so it can have a sensitive input, plenty of NFB, plenty of EQ (does the rotary switch select compensation settings such as RIAA/NARTB/house curve or something like that?).  
still, I would check the input for DC. Changing all the capacitors in it would still be a good idea from a tone/reliability standpoint

G-Mo Good advice. Thanks. I'll recap it ... -- 5/17/2005 8:49 AM