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Re: Solder for vintage tweed Fender Deluxe

3/22/2005 9:49 AM
Re: Solder for vintage tweed Fender Deluxe
I'm afraid in today's world that just any 60/40 solder will not be as good as the original material.  
The standard rosin core 60/40 in one pound reels for hand soldering that was available from numerous equivalent factories and retail sources back in the '60's appears to be considered a premium material now and the only sure way I know of to get it is to use Kester 44 brand.  
Generic 60/40 solders today, especially from retail outlets like independent electronic shops or Radio Shack are overwhelmingly extremely poor grade materials by comparison, so much so that every joint is visibly inferior, and sometimes gasp even audibly poorer. Quality has declined noticeably and rapidly each year for the last few years, I imagine that Taiwanese PCB factories are having their waste recycled into the form of hand soldering reels without reprocessing the alloy to remove impurities, plus many times the flux is not rosin, and when it is its not the high quality we are accustomed to from Kester, and from Multicore before they closed their solder plant here. Although, notwithstanding my imagination it could be engineered to extreme low quality for some other reason :-\  
There are so few electronic assembly operations remaining where hand soldering is done to products which are intended not to be disposable, Multicore must have simply needed to concentrate on machine solders to stay in business.  
So all we have left is Kester as far as I know, maybe someone else who is very familiar with the Kester 44 can point out an equivalent which is still available, it would be good to have alternate sources.  

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