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Re: uploaded

3/17/2005 9:56 AM
Re: uploaded
I did email with Thorny a couple of times giving some suggestions/values. Don't know what coupling-cap values he did use from top of my head but I would recommend 0.02s after V1. Check the uploaded schematic and change the brightcap to 47p.  
Still needing mo' coffee ( it's just one of those days... )...  
- remove the stock tone-pot  
- rewire the volume-controls, use two 270k or 470k resistors from the wipers and connect that junction to the 1st grid of V2  
- wire the dual ganged tone-pot as mentioned before  
- change the coupling-caps after V1 to 0.02s or 0.047s  
The picture-links from Thorny are pretty clear so giving some more help.  
Hope this helps, feel free to contact me if needed.  
Ps If I have some time I'll upload a new/better schematic.

Twangman22 Thanks Chris! Any help is greatly a... -- 3/17/2005 10:07 AM
Thorny what i did in lots of detail -- 3/17/2005 4:23 PM