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Re: Anyone have experiences with the TAD 6V6GTB-STR ?

3/15/2005 4:52 AM
Re: Anyone have experiences with the TAD 6V6GTB-STR ?
Hi Thorny  
I also think they're chinese ones, like their excellent EL34B-STRs and as Bruce Collins from MissionAmps did mention some time ago over here.  
The 6L6WGC is truly amazing for a modern production tube, the ones I did use over here did have clear glass (from top of my head).  
Andreas Hecke from TAD is the inventor of the Ruby-style-testing/matching and he was the European Ruby agent before selling tubes with his own logo. I do use and sell them because of the sound and very low failure-rate.  
Keep on rockin' & building!  

Dale Chris,I really like... -- 3/15/2005 3:59 PM