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Re: 5F4/5E5A Great all around tweed amps

3/7/2005 12:09 PM
Re: 5F4/5E5A Great all around tweed amps
Hey, David!  
I built the Mission 5F4. Very easy, like the 5E3. I modded mine just a bit with a DPDT switch to select between the two pairs of high voltage secondaries on the PT. I put this switch where the ground switch was. I'm currently using a pair of JJ E34Ls in there. I biased the amp for these tubes. I can power the amp off and change tubes in seconds! Basically, I have three amps in one, all with the change of the power tubes. I can also go to the lower voltage position and change the sound a bit. It's not a great lot quieter, but the tone DOES change noticably. Kind of "looser" if you will.I biased VERY conservatively, as the E34Ls are running at 17ma each with 458 volts on the plates on high and 415 on low with only 4.7 ma. I didn't really notice a huge volume drop from higher settings, the tone is wonderfull, and tube life is probably next to forever. Also, on the low setting, I can use 6V6s. I'm using the cheap Italian Jensen C10Q speakers in a homebuilt cab.  
As an aside, the other day a guy came over to measure my home for vinyl windows. He saw the amp and started asking questions. I let him play through it and he about flipped! He used my Jap Strat and said he'd never heard tone like that. He's now in the process of trying to sell his Orange amp to buy mine. Gotta believe him since, I'd already paid for the windows!  
Hats off to Bruce once again for the best amp I've ever owned! Bryan

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