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circuit idea

3/7/2005 3:46 AM
circuit idea
Hi Thorny  
In a few words: you did change the 5E3 volume-circuit to a tweed Bassman/plexi Marshall style one WITHOUT the 270k or 470k mixing-resistors. Without those mixing-resistors all sound will be gone when one of the volume-controls is set pretty low.  
Maybe you can try this but it does need one 1M,log,dual pot and one 0.005 cap:  
Check out the 5E6A Bassman and 5F2A princeton schematics as reference.  
Use two 270k or 470k resistors from lugs 2 from the volume-pots going to the 1st V2 grid.  
Remove your stock tone-control.  
Wire the dual-ganged-tonecontrol as following:  
One side for the bright-channel as the 5F2A. For the normal-channel you do the same thing except you don't use the 470p cap on that side.  
copyright/yada yada/etc. :)  

Chris@CMWamps uploaded -- 3/7/2005 5:11 AM