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Re: VOX AC30

3/4/2005 11:41 PM
Greg SimonRe: VOX AC30
Back in 1993, I had a Rivera era Fender Concert, and hated the tone. I had heard about the AC30 reissues and the Bluesbreaker reissues, which were both new at the time. I traded in my Fender plus a lot of cash and got the Korg reissue AC30. I REALLY like the Bluesbreaker too, but I felt since I use a Rickenbacker guitar that the AC30 would work better for me. I've been very happy with it and love the tones it can get. I don't think it is the best amp for blues if you're trying to get a traditional tone. Its also not the best amp for really heavy stuff unless you plan to use pedals. Having said that, it is one of the greatest amps of all time. BUT, so is the bluesbreaker. You can't really go wrong with either one. I plan to keep my AC30 forever, and am going to make myself a bluesbreaker to get those smoky blues tones it can do well. If Ted is going to do an AC30 kit, I'm sure it will be very nice. Hoffman does one, but it doesn't have all the channels the AC30 does. I'd probably hold out for Weber's if it was me.  

Casey Sackett Greg,I know what yo... -- 3/5/2005 1:43 AM