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Re: Just a clarification...

3/4/2005 8:19 AM
Re: Just a clarification...
I have been using the high inputs out of habit more than any thought given to it. I will try the normal inputs.  
I also tried the 12AY7 in V2 as well as V1 and it sounds pretty good that way, as does a 12AT7 if V2 (I already have a 12AY7 in V1).  
I don't run anything hotter than the air norton (which is a lot less hot than a Tone Zone or the current 500T that gibson puts in everything). But it still is quite a bit hotter than a PAF.  
I am waiting for my new power tubes and speakers to arrive before I make any other changes (I have been using a cabinet for testing as mentioned earlier).  
Thanks for the additional info.