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Mission 5E3 O.T. specs.....

1/27/2005 7:10 PM
Mission 5E3 O.T. specs.....
Hi all...  
I have a mutant amp that started life as a Mission 5E3 kit. Since I built it, I have set it up to use 6L6s (10 watt cathode resistor, removed Zener diode, use WV4 Copper cap). I've also replaced the alnico Weber Blue Dog I originally installed with two Weber 10F150T (C10N) speakers.  
I'm considering making it switchable from cathode bias to switched bias.  
I'd also like to replace the original OT with something a little beefier, like a Tweed Super OT.  
Offhand, does anyone know what the specs are for the Mission output tranny? I'm going to start my search for a suitable tranny.

anonymous Hi,sounds very similar to w... -- 1/28/2005 6:38 AM