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Re: Bandmaster to VibroKing?

11/29/2004 9:57 AM
BoogieRe: Bandmaster to VibroKing?
The bandmaster is a great sounding head (when healthy). Pete used a Bandmaster on most of the classic Who albums.  
The bandmaster is “basically” a head version of a Pro (very close to a Super too). It could use a better OPT but changing it to a “Vibrowhatever” is a fad that isn't really worth it IMO. Just get it healthy, get a reverb unit and get a couple of different cabinets with different speaker sets and you have a Vibro, a Super and a Pro all in the same head!  
The only reason that the Bandmaster is not a collectable (yet) is because it is overlooked for the combos. My friend who plays in a working surf band has a decent collection of vintage Fenders (Dual Showman, Twin, a couple of Bassman, etc.); his favorite amp is a 69 Bandmaster. I currently use a BMR so I am biased but I think these head are becoming more popular all the time.

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