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Re: Finishing Tweed

11/14/2004 8:33 PM
Re: Finishing Tweed
No disrespect to those who have used orange shellac cut 50/50 with alcohol, but I find that look too orange for my tastes.  
See the following link for my experience with Deft brand nitrocellulose brushing lacquer on my recently completed homebuilt Deluxe cab:  
Also, Bob Sickler's site ( documents the very meticulous work he's done on a trio of tweed replica amps, all finished in nitro. Of special note is the replica 'Fender Deluxe - Fullerton Ca' name plate from JayCo Internet Music. A beautiful finishing touch for any tweed project.

Bruce /Mission Amps I still like the way 50/50 shellac/... -- 11/15/2004 9:32 AM