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Re: Need someone to rewind some pups

10/25/2004 12:17 PM
Re: Need someone to rewind some pups
I know about the Texas thing...been there. Played some clubs in the DFW area a few years back. I would say Jimmy is more Texas than SRV. Although it may be different in the Austin area, I didn't see any SRV clones. I think I have seen more in for the Texas sound yes there is but it's long dead and it's not SRV. I don't see many similarities to Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons and SRV as they are the most heralded guitarists from Texas. I really think the Texas sound is a 50's swing blues with a bit of twang. I think you can hear some of it in guys like T-bone, early Freddie King and it's there somewhat with early J. Winter. I love SRV but I think that Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys have more to do with the Texas sound than SRV. In my opinion SRV is "NOT" a blues guitarist....he's a blues/rock player. Just because you do a lot of 1-4-5's, it doesn't make you a blues player. I think his brother is more of a classic blues player. Just my opinion. I heard one guy in Texas use a strat and a Fender super reverb and he did the best B.B. King I have ever heard from a white guy, awesome. I didn't hear one guy even try to sound like SRV, they where more swing oriented.