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I live on Staten Island.........

10/19/2004 10:27 AM
I live on Staten Island.........
In the mid 70's I was very interested in winding pickups, nobody made something I liked. I hated the strat pickups lack of power and the hum in a high gain amp. I knew this guy that worked at Dimarzio and called him. I asked him if he could make a strat pup that was 2 coils stacked one on top of the other to make a hum canceling pickup with more output for me. He yelled at me on the phone that I was some type of spy and some other things and hung up. I guess Larry and Seymour and myself where working or thinking about the same things at the same time. That's a true story.....I have a lot of friends that knew Larry as teenagers, he was working with Bill Lawrence if I am not mistaken that's where he learned about pickup rewinding. His super distortion was a Gibson HB with more winds and a ceramic magnet.