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Pro Players & Duncan/Dimarzio

9/1/2004 8:15 AM
Josh Pardes
Pro Players & Duncan/Dimarzio
Well here is something that I have been curious about. What gives with all these big name pro's endorsing Duncans, Dimarzio's, and to some degree, EMG pups? They all have their specific models that they rave about or that bare their names, yet to no surprise, the pups sound nothing like them. I understand the whole studio magic ordeal, and yeah, they usually play through "God's" rig, but in a lot of cases I am still boggled. I've tried a lot of different models from these companies and not one of them lived up to my expectations. Can these pro's really be that tone deaf? (kind of a rhetorical question. I think a lot of them are but they are lucky to have good techs) I really think that these companies put some extra special attention into the pups they are making for pro musicians. I don't have any supporting evidence, but I would not be surprised if they handwind them, handpick the magnets, and even go so far as to make a few different ones with similiar specs and a/b them to find the best sounding one before Eddie Van Satriani gets his hands on it.  
Either that or they get these guys to put their junk in one of their axes and pose for a picture before they deliver a dumptruck filled with money to their front door. Of course the guitar is set aside and never used aside from photo ops.  
I'm kind of cutting EMG some slack here because I think that they purposely make their pups to sound very bland since most guys that use them use a Sears Tower sized rack of effects to get their sound. I still think they sound like ass though :)  
I'm on a rant here. What do you guys think about all this?

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