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Re: coupling magnet to adjustable polepieces

5/10/2004 1:28 AM
Dave StephensRe: coupling magnet to adjustable polepieces
Hewo: hi, its me the guy full of crap :-) Go download Mac The Scope (search google and you'll find it) they have a demo version. It has a limited trial useage deal so be quick in trying it out. It has a signal generator, white noise generator and pink noise generator. It also has an osciloscope that looks pretty good. Trouble is, that it costs over $300 if you like it and it generally gets bad reviews. But you can record the output of the signal generators. Its my understanding that white and pink noise is a mix of all frequencies so by putting that into you pickup and out to the scope you can see where there resonant peak is. Its also my understanding that the resonant peak of a pickup is its signature. EMG did alot of testing on this while I had them as a client back when. Kloppman is really into this stuff and it interests me alot, but having a Mac and everyone else here using a PC I don't get very far trying to figure out how to do a setup to input the signal into the pickup and back out to the computer and get a guaranteed accurate reading. You need to wind a coil to put over the pickup, but what gauge wire and how many turns and what input device to use on that coil (which is placed over the pickup) is something I haven't heard any reliable accurate info about and everyone tells you something different. Very frustrating. I am guessing you have to set up your own method of reading and keep your own standard to judge pickups by. Mostly because how you input the signal and how you get it out and read it all can introduce other parameters into the signal that you have no way of knowing about. I've been trying to get you interested in this to see what you come up with that maybe will help me figure it out, and now I know you're a Mac guy, so much the better.....Dave

hewo i'm a mac yes but $300?whew... -- 5/10/2004 4:56 AM