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Re: Bad Tone Day

5/9/2004 12:22 PM
Dave StephensRe: Bad Tone Day
Andy: well, I guess you missed the point. My pickups are designed to make a TUBE amp sound good. A TUBE amp is completely different than a solid state amp pretending to be a tube amp. There's no comparison. Cheesy low priced amps and solid state amps and guys who crank up "overdrive" devices all work well with underwound, tinny, trebly , screechy pickups that cut through the mush those devices and amps create. I don't make those kind of pickups and the reason I MAKE pickups is because I had a hard time finding the product I wanted. I play blues, but more specifically, old style, jump blues, and the tone to me that is GodLike is the original tone on early blues and R&B and West Cost jump/ and blues recordings. You had a guitar, you had an amp, and that was it. The old amps distorted when you turned them up too loud; any old rock that you love or old blues was recorded this way. Shit, even old Led Zeppelin was recorded on some 12 watt Supro and a telecaster and nothing else. All this digital shit, amp emulators, and processing to me are for guys who can't play. Thats my personal opinion and i"ve seen it work in practice at the jams. Some guy shows up with his pedal board, plugs in and starts stomping on 20 different boxes, or keeps fiddling with his POD, suddenly his pedals go dead, he's left with an amp and a guitar and falls falt on his face because he can't play a guitar that sounds like a guitar.  
I really don't do "sales" and this was just a shmooze move on my part. Basicalliy I tried to show a "rocker" type kid something that the blues guys around here who don't need crutches seek me out for good pickups for TUBE amps. He didn't have a clue, and it was a waste of time. I have seen time and time again, some young guy show up at the jam with some loud ass amp, a distortion pedal, blast everyone out of the place, doesn't listen to the other players etc.etc. I run into them later down the line and ask how they liked te jam. Those type of guys always tell me that our hosts play too jazzy for them and not loud enough. Its just a matter of these guys like loud simple playing because thats all they understand, and I prefer simpler tone, and more sophisticated blues that has jazz elements in it.  
Yes you are right, most guitar players are dumb as a post when it comes to their instruments and amps. So I posted this funny incident for some of the older guys understand what I'm talking about here.  
when I sell someone pickups I always find out what kind of rig they are using and I guarantee if someone tells me they are using a POD or Line6, or some Vox amp emlulator I will send them else where or tell them to go buy some underwound cheap Korean product that will sound better through what they are using.  
Nobody can convince me that a solid state amp for blues, using amp emulation is going to sound good to me and you just don't see any name blues guys using this crap. Fender tried to use Buddy Guy to sell their Cyber amp with built in emulation and he promoted it for about 6 months and then went back to real tube amps and made some off comments about that amp afterwards.  
You know how to play blues, west coast jump, you use a tube amp, come see me and I'll give you what you want. I learned my lesson from that guy, you can't sell oranges to a guy who thinks rotten banannas taste good :-)