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Re: coupling magnet to adjustable polepieces

5/9/2004 7:35 AM
Re: coupling magnet to adjustable polepieces
the guitar signal is fed into a hi impedance buffer (mosfet) which outputs to two driving ports, one to the scope and the other is the amp.  
the oscilliscope definitely shows bigger waves on the orthoganal screen graduations.  
after switching to the keeperless p90m, same guitar, same neck cavity placement, same amp settings, same scope settings, same guitar settings, the scope shows less output, roughly a fourth. but the amp still sounds just as loud as before.  
while true playing strength will affect the output strength, the e-bow was used to peak the scope's signal displayed for high point registration. consider the e-bow as a constant repeatable excitation force for both p90 tests.  
this means the ear can not distinguish the twentyfive percent differential. maybe that's because of our logarithmic hearing abilities?

Dave Stephens "this means the ear can not disting... -- 5/9/2004 9:28 AM