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Re: coupling magnet to adjustable polepieces

5/7/2004 4:06 PM
Dr. StrangeloveRe: coupling magnet to adjustable polepieces
Fred Hammon wrote:
"There are special alloys of cold rolled, grain oriented, silicon steels that are engineered to function in high frequency aplications with a minimum of core loss due to hystersis."
For the sake of discussion, let's assume that an Alnico 5 rod (5/8" x 3/16" dia.) induces a generous 7000 gauss where is touches the steel plate.  
The hysteresis losses in the steel would be calculated from an average +/- 50 gauss dipole in the vibrating string (100-10kHz) on top of that 7000 gauss bias.  
In this case, would you select steels for the squareness of their hysteresis plot? Which steels look good at the field strengths mentioned?  

Fred Hammon I'm not so sure you can calculate t... -- 5/7/2004 6:08 PM