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Re: Who Discovered RWRP?

5/7/2004 2:21 AM
Jason Lollar
Re: Who Discovered RWRP?
Fender stringmaster would be the earliest example I can think of, I am not sure of the first production date but it was sometime around 55 or 56 I guess.  
the slingerland- I wonder if thats the supro/valco pickup which was possibly 40's and although the coils were RW the magnetic polarity is the same which alot of people dont get but then I always assumed the fender 12 was a split humbucker myself untill I got a good look at one.  
Flip the magnets on those 6 coil valcos so one is north and the other south and you get dead strings unlike that EH 150 oddity I brought up a few weeks ago where you have one coil that is both north and south and still works.