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Re: Question about Humbucking Contruction

4/22/2004 1:51 AM
Re: Question about Humbucking Contruction
This is not the clearest picture, but it might help:  
Some parts might be considered "optional," IMO. For example, you can get away without the spacers and without the keeper bar. DiMarzio does this ... at least with the Virtual PAF ... and it's a decent sounding pickup. The bobbins are glued together, providing stability that is lost without the spacers and keeper. A little glue to hold the magnet in place too (might be wax, and not glue).  
I like to use the single conductor fabric insulated wire, and after fiddling around finally discovered that many of this type are made by running the wire through the hole in the frame and down one side of the frame with the shield tacked to the frame somewhere along the way. This is what is illustrated in the picture. This makes it easier to stuff the wires out of the way later, but also takes up a lot of the space that would normally contain a full-sized maple spacer. To account for that, I nip a spacer down to size to fit between the wire shielding and the slugs. There are many ways to skin a cat, as they say.

John Fisher Jeff thanks for the really good inf... -- 4/22/2004 2:43 AM