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Vulcanized fibre source

4/6/2004 12:58 AM
Dr. StrangeloveVulcanized fibre source
LMC-Plasticsource makes a vulcanized fibre sheet  
called Dynos(tm) that is equivalent to NVF Forbon(tm).  
Both Dynos and Forbon commercial grades conform to the ASTM D-710 specification and their test numbers are usually within 5% of each other with Dynos holding a minor edge.  
I received two 8"x11" samples a couple years back. The Dynos looks good and cuts the same but has a harder-smoother finish than the NVF Forbon.  
LMC-Plasticsource commercial Dynos specs:  
NVF commercial Forbon specs:  
If I recall correctly, LMC wanted me to buy 4 big sheets at a time. Things may have changed in the last two years.  
Contact info:  
162 W. Lippincott St.  
Philadelphia, PA 19133  
voice: 215 425-4100  
fax: 215 634-4453