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P90 Mags

2/10/2004 3:34 AM
P90 Mags
Up to now, I've just been winding Humbuckers. This evening, I had a request from a fellow that I sent one of my buckers to. He's asking me to re-wind a P90 for him. This will be my first of this type, and I figured that the magnets were different shape/size - based mainly on the pictures in Jason's book (shows two small mags per pole piece). I don't see these on SK's supplies list, so I'm wondering if this is how y'all wind them, or are you using the long bar magnets. Can anyone fill me in before the PuP(s) arrive for the rewind?  
I figure it's got ceramics in it, so I'll put A5 in with 42 PE. I have some bucker bars.

Glenn I think you'll want two humbucker b... -- 2/10/2004 6:01 AM
SK Use HB bars -- 2/10/2004 6:12 PM