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Rick's Litz Wire Pickups

1/14/2004 10:45 PM
Fred Hammon
Rick's Litz Wire Pickups
"Update: I've been experimenting with magnet wire configurations using Litz  
wire (a simple explanation would be: think Monster Cable for pickups).  
Winding low impedance coils with the stuff (a real pain to wind BTW) yields  
pickups which are substantially free of coil limited frequency response. So  
for the first time, by winding classic coil bobbins--P & J bass, Tele, Strat,  
Guild/Hagstrom, etc.---with Litz, I can hear the sonic effects of the  
coil/magnet/string interface without the limits of the coil interfering with  
what I hear. Every style of pickup has its own signature independent of the  
frequency response of the coil, and it's very interesting.  
Last year, I did up a test bed Starfire for my friend Dan Schwartz and wired  
the pickup directly to an XLR jack in balanced line configuration. He ran  
it into a mic preamp & then into a recording console. Incredible----just  
like a Starfire but with more of everything. I just sent a couple of  
Litzed Jazz bass pickups to Scott Malandrone at Bass Player & he confirms the  
sonic change---more of everything including the most minute details of string  
No plans to offer these pickups yet, I'mstill in R & D land, but it sure is  
interesting to hear magnets.  
Rick Turner"

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