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Re: Tone effects of traverse rate?

1/5/2004 11:05 PM
DaveMRe: Tone effects of traverse rate?
I know this response is a bit delayed, but I just took action on the problem of testing pickups side by side recently. I didn't want to set up two identical guitars because they never are. One will be a bit more lively, or have more sustain, or something.  
I have a guitar set up right now with the pickup routes going all the way through the back of the guitar. (I just set up a blemished body and put it on a good neck.) It is a swimming pool routed body, so I can fit pretty much any pickup into it. All I have to do is desolder and unscrew the pup, and slap a replacement in. It is also coming in handy for testing out pickup locations. I am drilling extra holes in the pickguard. This way, I can tweak the pickup's position towards the bridge or neck just a bit. It is not the perfect scientific test bed, but I can get a pretty decent idea of what pickups are doing what.  
By using a superswitch, I am able to solder in two or three different pickups at once, and this allows me to switch them back and forth into the bridge (or middle, or neck) position as fast as I can physically move the pickup into the slot. By running a mounting screw without a head into the pickup like a stud, I can just hold the pup in place with a chunk of surgical tubing installed from the frontside of the pickguard. This lets me switch pickups within abut 20 seconds. THis allows for some pretty close A-B testing of pickups. If I am going to do a lot of playing, I will secure the unused pickups with a chunk of duct tape. I also have fairly long leads on the pickups, to allow them to be moved around in the cavity, and out of each other's way. THis has a slight effect on tone.

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