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Re: What about Lieberman??

10/23/2004 2:35 PM
UndecidedRe: What about Lieberman??
I've wondered about this myself. There's a post above that claims that the Democrats arn't as polarizing as the Republicans, but from where I stand, the Democrats are equally, or even more polarizing than the republicans.  
With the Iraq war the way it is, the Democrats should have had a slam dunk this year with a good candidate, and I stress "good". I wrote Kerry off early, and was surprised when he appeared at the top (the cream always rises to thr top?????). I suppose that Dean was too radical, but Lieberman didn't have enough vitriol against the "evil" Bush, and the voters chose someone who was definately different than the current administration (Lieberman was too "bush" like?). I would have easily voted for Lieberman, but my conscience forces me to vote Libertarian this time around (don't worry Democrats, I live in a state that will vote Democrat even with a dead man on the ticket).