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Re: Comments Please...

10/14/2004 4:02 PM
Re: Comments Please...
Deficit reduction is a good thing that neither candidate will make much ground on. Bush doesn't see the deficit as a problem, and Kerry will have to deal with a republican majority congress that will play partisan games to prevent any real action. Clinton was able to work bipartisanly to get things done. But with the past four years under Bush, this country is very much divided along party lines. I don't think that congress will get over this partisan fog any time soon.  
Remember that under the Bush administration's policies, he took a huge budget surplus and turned it into record budget deficit. He is running amuck with our tax dollars and has nothing to show for it. He has already proven that he can't run a business effectively (all of his business ventures have lost money). Why should we allow him to run the country into the ground?  
Agreeably so, neither candidate is a great choice, but who is ultimately better suited to run this country? A failed business man or a senior senator?

Undecided A failed business man or a seni... -- 10/14/2004 4:25 PM