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previous: Undecided How about a flat tax? -- 10/9/2004 3:52 PM View Thread

H.R 25

10/9/2004 10:58 PM
Damn RightH.R 25
See :  
Google HR 25  
The HR 25 presents a fair tax plan that works as a consumption tax : the more you buy, the more you pay.  
The current proposal is for a rate of 23%.  
Debilitating to the poor, you say? I agree. That's why ecery month everyone receives a rebate check for a fixed amount to cover the costs of taxes paid on life's necessities : housing, food, utilities etc.  
It would behoove those interested to dig a little deeper on this topic as its a solid plan.  
Do some research on hidden taxes.(Ok I did it for you)  
Too bad proposals such as this don't get enough media attention.

earl Mind you...I'm not saying i'm in fa... -- 10/11/2004 2:18 PM