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Re: How about a flat tax?

10/9/2004 6:19 PM
Concerned CitizenRe: How about a flat tax?
"Would a flat tax rate (income, i'm talking) across the board be a fair thing"
I agree with you that the flat tax idea seems like a good idea. The one argument I have heard against it is that it would be a much greater burden on the poor than the system we have now. Imagine a 10% tax on someone making $1million versus 10% of $25,000. If you can think of why a low income family would prefer the flat tax to the current system please tell me.  
I have heard the idea of a consumption tax (is this what you mean by 'use tax'?) where your money is taxed as you spend it rather than as you earn it. This also seems like a good idea (lots more people would save for retirement, etc) but it would mean *huge* increases in taxes, and I don't think Americans will tolerate that.