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Re: Where did all the conservatives go?

9/14/2004 6:45 AM
another anonRe: Where did all the conservatives go?
Anyway it wouldn't really surprise me that conservatives would support these kinds of things. In fact I even tend to agree that the role of the federal government is to provide defense and "homeland security" (oh, the name just gives me shivers though) and that social programs should be administered and primarily funded by state and local agencies - possibly with support from federal funding.  
Actually, I would be interested in hearing both liberal and conservative views regarding a nationally based healthcare system.  
My question is who, aside from the insurance industry, would not benefit from such a system? Wouldn't it cost less for "consumers"(patients) and earn more for healthcare "producers"(doctors/hospitals) if the actual costs of care were paid for instead of including the profits of the insurance companies? If the consumer costs were paid for federally individuals would no longer need insurance, businesses would no longer need to provide an insurance group policy and would then incur lower overhead fixed costs. This would allow them to either pay more salary to employees or generate more taxable profit. Either way the increased taxable revenue would support the health program.  
Don't we already pay for uninsured individuals through Medicaid and other social services?  
Could this work? Or am I (as I'm sure I am) grossly oversimplifying things? I don't have any of the numbers to "do the math" which would really be necessary for a more complete understanding.  
Anyone have any insights here?

Anon3 I think it is a good idea in princi... -- 9/14/2004 11:49 AM