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Re: Where did all the conservatives go?

9/14/2004 6:11 AM
another anonRe: Where did all the conservatives go?
I would have to say that I am beginning to gain first hand experience with regard to bureaucracy and "politicking" in my local community making me become more suspicious of these kinds of programs. As a parent of kids just starting out school I used to vote almost knee-jerk for funding anything related to education. The local school district had to close two of four schools, and there were a number of public hearings held for the community to voice their concerns and state their cases for which schools should remain open. From the tone and attitude of the school board members it soon became quite clear that the hearings were basically for show and that the decision had already been made.  
Is it a coincidence that the schools that remained opened were the oldest ones and were eligible for recently approved "school improvement" funds? Why close the safer, larger, more modern schools and take funding which could go to other districts in the state which may not have any other options?  
I suppose the long term thinking may be that they anticipate reopening the newer schools at a later point and then all the schools will be up-to-date. But this was never this discussed as the intent. No explanation was ultimately given for the decision which tends to make me think someone has family in the construction business.