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Re: Where did all the conservatives go?

9/13/2004 9:25 PM
anonymousRe: Where did all the conservatives go?
I quit trying to have a discussion because the majority of liberals here are not capable of doing that. It degenerated into a screaming match. There were a few liberals who could present their case intelligently without ad hominem attacks, but they are in the minority.  
I also realized that no matter how I present my case, calmly and rationally, or screaming louder than the opposition, I wasn't going to change anyone's mind.  
I used to be a registered democrat. Years ago, working in an environment of mostly liberal democrats, my past affilliation came up in conversation with a group of coworkers. A young hispanic woman said, "I heard you used to be a democrat. What happened?" I told her and anyone else listening "I grew up."  
Where in the constitution does it say government exists to provide food, shelter, clothing, education, jobs, health care and a guarantee that we will never experience adversity in our lives? This is pretty much what the democratic thinking has evolved into. They want government to provide a parachute from cradle to grave, but want no societal codes of behavior imposed upon them. To even suggest that the president getting his knob polished by an intern in the white house might be immoral is deamed "judgemental" and written off as "his personal life" that has nothing to do with his ability to lead. That's just plain crap, but the liberals and the liberal media gave him a pass on it.  
I think government's primary responsibility is to maintain an armed force to protect the security of the hard won liberties we have in this country. It isn't the guarantee of success that government is there to provide. It is the opportunity to succeed that is provided and protected by government through an armed force.  
I quit coming here because most liberals here just don't get that.

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