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Re: Where did all the conservatives go?

9/9/2004 3:19 PM
Concerned CitizenRe: Where did all the conservatives go?
"The worst terrorist attack on the US since Pearl Harbor"
Let's not forget that the *first* attack on the WTC was in 1993 (on Slick Willy's watch) and then there was the attack on the USS Cole (also al Qaeda). What great plans did Bill Clinton implement following either of those incidents? Other than violating his wedding vows, that is? And how many attacks have there been on the US *since* 09/11/01? At least W got the violence out of the US.  
"I feel so much safer to know that we will be at an Elevated Terror Alert status for the rest of my lifetime."
Perhaps you'd rather die in your ignorance? Most folks would rather know that there is a threat so that they can get involved in their own defense.  
"Public Schools are turning away students because they don't have the money to hire more teachers and keep schools open. Numerous districts are closing schools for lack of funding, not lack of students."
And all this with funding per student at record high levels. Maybe school districts should be audited and/or taught how to make the best use of this limited resource called taxpayer funding.  
"off-shoring jobs"
It's called smart economics. If I can hire someone in China or India to answer a telephone for $10 an hour or hire an American for $17, which makes more sense? Jobs have been migrating toward lower labor costs for a lot longer that Bush has been in office. What needs to happen is people who lose their jobs need to get an education and upgrade their skills. There are plenty of jobs in America. They just require more/different skills than the jobs our grandparents held.  

Darin Maybe I wasn't clear enough. -- 9/9/2004 8:17 PM