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Re: career advice sought - any Network Managers here?

7/13/2004 1:50 AM
SpeedRacerRe: career advice sought - any Network Managers here?
1 - did not mean to sound insensitive about folks out of work. I have been out of work, and my childhood was, for the most part, spent in a family where my father was out of work after being laid off in '73 at 40-something. 10 years of powdered milk and a few years with nothing but promises under the tree followed until he got back on his feet. Better than some, worse than others but yes I am acutely aware of what it's like, and what it can do to a family, and I have lots of sympathy for anyone going through that. Going home to tell your wife and kids that daddy lost his job. I do know about that, and I feel for anyone that has gone through that.  
That said, tech does not move jobs overseas, it just plain eliminates them. Is that any worse? I think so.. Ask the accountants that have been replaced.. ask the draftsmen replaced by CAD systems. Ask the telephone men who used to punch down 100pr cables only to find them replaced by 25pr and then PBX and Cat-5. Talk to any old timer and they're sure to tell you the progress in telecom was all about laying off tons of union workers. And they're not completely wrong about that..  
Tiring? Yes, it is tiring. Here's why: technology is about change. We as IT people are agents of change. Reality is that folks are whining bc for years they drove change and it affected OTHERS. Now it is affecting THEM and they're screaming foul!! Change is the only constant. What's good for the goose after all. I accept that I could be replaced at some point. I just try hard to be someone they would not want to replace. I keep my skills up to where outsourcing me doesn't work. I change as needed. i don't curse the darkness. I try to embrace change. I'm amazed that outsourcing took so long to get rolling.. we were looking at it 9 years ago as the 'next big thing'. The reality is that once your intellectual capital can be transmitted across the world, there is no difference between a $10/hr C++ programmer in Delhi and the $150/hr programmer in California.. well, except for the money part. And no amount of protectionist moaning is going to change that. Want to look at what a trainwreck protectionism is? Go look for the US shipping industry. (bring a magnifying glass..) What people get the most bent about it seems is the change.. which is ironic since we are the architects and agents OF THAT CHANGE. And I take exception to the fact that India is (IMHO) singled out for this whole industry. Yes, they have several large outsourcers. But so does Ireland.. and China.. and several others. I never heard about the Irish, isn't it just as agonizing that your job is now in County Cork? My sister's firm (a very large commerical bank) just farmed out helpdesk support to Ireland. Farmed out HR as well. Can't help feeling the Indian's get singled out bc they don't look like us.. and that is tiring as h@ll.  
Part of outsourcing is also about availability of good skilled folks. Now before I get labelled as 'insensitive' again, I just spent 4 months trying to hire an assistant. I scoured the earth pretty much to find the right person. It was hard.. very hard to find someone really good who had the combo of personality, aptitude, skills and experience. If there are tons of highly skilled unemployed IT folks around here, they hid from me. My hire turned out to be a legal alien.. living here, and from, India. She moved here with her family when she was 10, after growing up in a town with no running water or electricity. she learned the language, taught herself IT and put herself through school at night while raising a family. Say what you will, but where I come from, there is nothing more American than that dream of a better life and busting your ass to get there no matter what.

CC Hiring a legal alien still takes a ... -- 7/13/2004 3:39 PM