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Re: Electoral ground zero - why politicians disappoint u

6/10/2004 6:02 PM
The ConservativeRe: Electoral ground zero - why politicians disappoint u
"So if I've understood you correctly, they're just regular folks with the same weaknesses?"  
Speak for yourself. I would not consider any of descriptions that I provided normal behavior indicative of the general population. That is why it is so appauling.  
People dislike polititians in general because they far too often breach the public trust. Also, it is a matter of ideology and the expectation that a candidate should follow the ideology that they campaigned for. In the case of war, it's also a matter of morality.  
My brother is an elected politian and occasionally I discuss with him why he chooses to so often make decisions that are against the wishes of the majority of his constituants. His answer usually is that I just don't understand how government works, particularly the pressure he has upon him to go along with the thinking of the power brokers within government that actually call the shots.  
I can tell you for a fact that many politicians do not see themselves answering to the people who elected them. Instead, most politicians answer to the power elite within government. A newly elected politician quickly learns that you either agree with what the power elite want or risk being alienated or even worse targeted for startegic elimination. And how are you then eliminated, well by character assasination and other nasty tactics.  

jaysg Re: Electoral ground zero - y politicians disappoint u -- 6/10/2004 6:36 PM