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Re: It's not my imagination!

6/3/2004 5:19 AM
Mark Hammer
Re: It's not my imagination!
I'm pleased at your articulate defense of the CSM as a relatively balanced news source. I should point out that balance doesn't have to mean bland, and it doesn't have to mean excluding viewpoints that diverge too much in one direction or the other (thugh they should be rational). Balanced means that if you keep paying attention, you get to hear many different perspectives. I would hope that reflects the best about the reader-journalism axis. It seems that the CSM lines up with that philosophy more often than many would give it credit for.  
More puzzling, however, I find your statement "It's basically a given that liberals own the universities."  
a) I'm not sure what that, specifically "own", is supposed to mean, and how it is deemed to express itself. Are the sports teams liberal? Is the engineering or medical faculty or veterinarian's college liberal? Are counselling services or the registrar's office liberal? Is the Senate council that meets and decides to raise tuition fees yet again liberal? Is the faculty union that bickers about their salaries, relative to the private sector, or the bargaining team for the university liberal? Are the support staff liberal? Are the folks in the faculty of management liberal? Are the accounting faculty and students liberal? Is the ROTC liberal?  
b) Who is it that "owns" universities, trustees? faculty? students? the public? student organizations? deans? the state? benefactors? alumni?  
c) Assuming some liberal view does tend to dominate in some parts of some campuses, why exactly is that wrong? Why should it be a mistake or wrong of some sort if education and research tends to attract a certain kind of viewpoint?  
d) If it is the case that some sort of saturation of "liberal" views on campus exists, why would people seeking an education (and they're not all naive 1st year students) fall prey to them unquestioningly? And if they are generally that dumb, why should I value the opinion of one who thinks there is something wrong with things?  
I will grant you that there are departments and some campuses where "lefty radicals" make an exceptionally big noise, relative to their numbers. I will also grant you that there can be zealous student associations/unions that become so pigheaded and besotted with post-modernism that they can see no other viewpoint but their own. Even on these campuses, however, there are legions of people who get out of their car and stroll across campus to their building, shaking their heads at the placards, and muttering "nutbars..." to themselves.  
Indeed, NO ONE "owns" the thinking at universities on this continent, with the exception of some privately held ones that might have a single religious (Oral Roberts University, Yeshiva University) or quasi-religious (Maharishi International University) orientation, but even there, I'm pleased to say, diversity of views is the norm.  
Now, if you want to make the claim that what gets taught by those sequestered away in the realm of books and conferences can often be unrealistic (and that can be conservative OR liberal), then you might have something there.

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