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Re: It's not my imagination!

5/24/2004 10:10 PM
Mark Lavelle
Re: It's not my imagination!
But did you read all the way to the end of the article?[QUOTE]... if overly liberal college professors and administrators have long indoctrinated students, "how do we explain then that [the US] is the way that it is" - fairly balanced between liberal and conservative views?  
One of the criticisms leveled against Shapiro is that despite disparaging elite and Ivy League schools in his book, he will attend one this fall - Harvard University Law School.  
That fact makes it hard, says Knight, to accept either Shapiro's scorn for elite universities - or for the UCLA education that helped him gain admission to America's most prestigious law school.[/QUOTE]BTW, citing the Christian Science Monitor as an authoratative source regarding "liberal bias" is like telling me what Newt Gingrich said about Bill Clinton...

Skreddy Oh please.Liberalism, like ... -- 5/24/2004 11:16 PM
Michael Tousek [QUOTE]BTW, citing the Christian Sc... -- 6/3/2004 1:57 AM