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Re: And,,,,,,

4/16/2004 8:58 PM
Dave RichRe: And,,,,,,
Mark I have a quiz for you. Here is a list of conflicts past and present. Please pick which side you want (or wanted) to win. The rules are you have to pick one, you can't chose neither or both since wars don't end until one side wins and one side loses. There's no tricks, just a fun exercise and anyone can play. Ok here we go.  
1)Soviet Union vs. The United States  
2)Shah of Iran vs. Ayatollah Khomeini  
3)Saddam Hussein vs. Ayatollah Khomeini  
4)Osama bin Laden vs. The Soviet Union  
5)Arafat vs. Sharon  
6)Osama bin Laden vs. George Bush  
7)Contras vs. Sandanistas  
8) Communism vs. Capitalism  
OK now that you have made your choices, ask yourself what price would you pay to win in each case? What cost would you be willing to bear to lose?

Mark Lavelle [QUOTE]you can't chose neither or b... -- 4/16/2004 11:55 PM