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Re: Guys and Dolls

4/3/2004 12:30 AM
bob pRe: Guys and Dolls
Mark, I wouldn't be surprised if your letter doesn't get published -- at least not in a timely manner. Now we all know that you know how to write letters, as you've had your letters to the editor published before -- but even so, I think that your letter has to fit their agenda and be appropriately timed in order to be published. Sometimes its all a matter of timing.  
I wrote a letter to the editors of the WSJ a little over a week ago regarding the Cable TV industry's plans to offer "free blocking" of "objectionable content." In the infinite wisdom that only a monopoly could conceive, the cable industry announced their generous offer to make customers pay for the content, and then offered to block the content free of charge. Apparently, the concept of not charging customers for channels that were unwanted in the first place didn't fit in well with their business model.  
So I wrote a letter to the editor by e-mail within an hour of the paper's arrival at my house, citing the benefits of the free market model of a la carte pricing to allow viewers to vote with their wallets to shape their cable content. It still hasn't been published, but the WSJ did publish a second article about the subject that was much more inflamatory. My guess is that they're holding my letter, and that they won't publish anything in response to the first article, and that if they use my letter at all, they'll undoubtedly apply my response to the second article. It seems that their modus opperandi is to save a bunch of letters and publish them all together anyway. The sad thing is that if my letter does get published, its likely to be published at a time when its out of context.  

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